Top 5 Gym Brands to Look out for 2018

2018 has brought a lot of new advancements in the sportswear industry. New activewear that can enhance performance, better durability and matching current trends. Although most people stick with the big brands like Nike and Adidas for their gym wear, for some, if everyone is wearing similar brand it doesn’t offer temptation to buy the same labels. Luckily there are a lot of gym brands that are up and coming, if you want to stand out in the gym, here are the top 5 brands to look out for.



Tracksmith has a unique take on gym wear, rather than offering slim fit clothing in neon colours they have chosen to design their garments with a retro vibe. Tracksmith will remind you of athletic wear in the 70’s/ 80’s but they’ve designed the clothing with modern technology to enable optimal performance. Low key colours and oversized styles are the standout features of Tracksmith along with a running hare badge to highlight its branding. Tracksmith believe that the spirit of amateur athletes is unmatched and they like to show this through their clothing.


Jameson Carter

Known for their mens fitted tracksuits and mesh trucker caps, Jameson Carter is a brand that can be worn both in the gym and on the streets. Their fitted designs offer a premium quality that stands out during any training session. Their range is only getting bigger and the brand is taking a page out of some of the leader’s books and becoming a top fashion label. Jameson Carter is an easy spot, the signature branding is simply a JC on their clothing so anyone can easily identify garments.


Outdoor Voices

A brand without branding, Outdoor Voices unique selling point is the designs of their activewear rather than heavy branding. Using artistic pastel designs and flattering fits makes this women’s gym brand a tempting choice. Outdoor Voices focuses on sportswear that is subtle but fit for purpose, ideal for running, yoga, and any other gym activity.


With a massive following on social media, Alphalete is catering for every user. Their purpose designed clothing is available for both men and women and offer designs with or with branding on. Alphalete now offers garments for most different activities in the gym and the range of colours is enough for you to find something you like. Although the brand has become a big hit in the gymwear industry, they’ve chosen to keep their products affordable for everyone which makes them good competition for the big brands to compete with.



A modern man’s gym brand, Rhone is a versatile brand that offers premium activewear, streetwear and accessories. It’s another brand that doesn’t focus on the labelling of their clothes, but some of the garments offer unique designs to give them a standout look. With Rhone being premium design it’s not catered its prices toward everyone, but for the price, you get high-quality performance clothing that you won’t see everyone wearing.


Bio: Richard Meadow is a freelance writer that focuses on fashion trends, health and sports. He enjoys researching and identifying new styles and writing about them daily. He uses social media to keep up with raising labels and likes to look into their ethos further.


Twitter: @meadow_richard

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