Top Tips For Caring For Your Clothes

Clothing is meant to last around 2 years, but in reality, if you look after your clothes, there is no reason why they can’t last longer than two years. The only area where clothing lasts about a month is in the fast fashion industry. Fast fashion is bad for a whole load of reasons, whether for its low-quality clothing, the environmental impact of fast fashion or simply that the clothing is not made from sustainable materials. The biggest issue is that most of the clothing we buy ends up in landfills anyway which is a huge cause for concern. 

It is no secret that fast fashion is one of the main contributors to pollution in the world, so it is more important than ever to keep your clothes and look after them. The production of clothing globally is dramatically increasing each year with fast fashion brands offering low-quality clothing at a not-so-cheap price.  In this article, we will go through some top tips for caring for your clothes so they last longer.  

Understand Your Fabrics

All fabrics are different. Some are easy to look after and others are extremely difficult so if you are not great at separating your clothes or often shrink your clothes, then it is essential to understand the best materials for you. It can get a little complicated when trying to learn the materials, but once you understand your materials, you will then be able to tell the best methods for cleaning your clothes without damaging them. 

Whether you are wearing sued, plant-based products, animal-based products, organic or blended, they will all have specific cleaning requirements. It is great to see that there are innovations within the fashion industry for more sustainable materials. Understanding how to wash your clothes, wash cycles, detergents and drying options are crucial for caring for your clothes.  

Wash Clothing Less

If your washing your clothes after every wash, stop. If your clothes don’t smell or they aren’t dirty then don’t put them in the wash. This is because every time you put something in the wash, fibres are destroyed which results in your clothing deteriorating much faster reducing lifespan. When you wear something for a short while or have worn a piece and it doesn’t sell or isn’t dirty, then it can go back in your wardrobe rather than laundry. Fabric cleaners can also help to keep your clothes smelling fresh for next time.  

Sort Through Your Laundry Before Washing

Once an item really is dirty, then it needs to go in the wash so you pop it in the laundry basket. This in turn leaves all of your clothing mixed together. Darks, colours and whites should not be mixed together in the washing machine and if you have clothing made from other materials, it is worth cleaning these separate such as jackets. 

Separate your clothes and read the label to see the best way to clean your product otherwise all your clothing will be different colours when they are clean. If you mix darks with anything, it is going to make your colourful or white clothes dull and it will be hard trying to restore them.

Wash At Low Temperatures

Cleaning clothes at low temperatures is a great way to care for your clothes and is one of the kindest ways possible. Using organic detergents and low temperatures is how to care for your clothes. High temperatures damage fibres and result in colours fading from your clothes which in turn results in them looking old and tired. 30 degrees or less will do well to clean your clothing as long as you get cold wash detergents. 

Denim and jackets should also be washed inside out to save colouration and should also be washed separately. If you are conscious of fibres falling out in the wash, then you can purchase bags that prevent this from happening called a guppy bag. This is especially the case when you are wearing premium clothing such as Gods Gift as this will help to keep your clothing looking fresher for longer. 

Store Clothes Correctly

If you have a look in your wardrobe, chances are you have some items that look worse for wear. This could be from washing all the time and high temperatures, but it also has to do with how you store your clothing. Nobody wants to go into their wardrobe and it just looks like a cluttered mess. A top tip for caring for your clothes is to keep your clothes aerated and make sure that there is space between clothing. Draws also need to be folded neatly and not crammed in as this is a one-way ticket to your clothes becoming damaged. If you don’t have much room for your clothes, then vacuum bags are a great option for items that are out of season. 

There are many different ways in which you can care for your clothes but if you follow these simple tips you will notice a difference in the quality of your clothes after a couple of washes.

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