Trash to Treasure: The Designer Who Crafts Clothes from Unexpected Materials

When it comes to striving for sustainability, fashion brands and house designers have been challenged to go the extra mile to impress individuals and to put a stop to this constant cycle of fast fashion. Although I heard on a fashion podcast (not sure of the name right) that certain fashion brands have advocated that they have made their clothes out of recycled plastic, on the contrary, gathering cleaning and melting the plastic to reuse would cost too much money, so what they have actually done is make plastic to be used in the clothing. You will be shocked to find out that what they have done and claimed to the public is actually legal. It just goes to show that in-depth research on buying into brands is not only necessary but morally correct.

Without getting too far off-topic, this all just sheds light on what we could be doing instead of giving our money to large corporations who lie and manipulate so we can put a pretty penny in their pocket. Through my investigation into designers who love to create but also don’t want to be a contributing factor to waste, I came across Anna Molinari’s TikTok presence, where she showcased her tips and creations with non-traditional materials. Let’s dive into Anna Molinari’s contribution to fashion.

Who and What Does Anna Molinari Do?

Essentially, Anna Molinari is an independent designer from New York. Her passions seem to be fashion and sustainability and with those passions, she has brought attention to the fact that we can really make a difference by using everything we touch, not only to turn into pieces of art but also into wearable fashion.

Through her rise online, she has been able to share her tips and tricks for turning can lids, cushion covers, spare pieces of fabric and unloved pieces of fashion into tops, dresses, bags and many other things that she could think of.

Coming across her page truly inspired me to buy my first-ever singer-sowing machine and get cracking. She turned her philosophies, morals and values into results and has been able to showcase her message on the truly inspiring runway. There is just something about a creative that makes us feel in awe and that’s how I feel about Anna Molinari.

She tends to pick up materials that would conventionally be seen as trash once their ‘sole purpose’ has been done. It’s forced her to think and create these one-of-kind pieces and it’s a message she’s sharing with us all. She forces herself into the mindset that you only limit yourself to what you expect from yourself.

So with that, I hope it has inspired you to turn your trash into treasure so we have made a list of typical trash Anna has used and what you could turn it into!

Turn These Trash Pieces Into Treasure

Left Over Fabric

Whether it’s clothes with holes inside them, a bag of random pieces of fabric from sowing, or you have some old clothes you want to repurpose into something reusable. Anna showed us what she does with all her leftover fabric during the holiday season. She crafts little bags for her to place gifts inside and ties them with another piece of leftover fabric.

This reduces the need for paper bags and is another gift in itself for them to reuse as a gift for someone else or for a couple of their trinkets. Either way, it’s a sustainable way to make use of your stray fabric and reduce paper waste.

Old Shirts

There is so much you can do with an old shirt that serves no purpose, you could crop it, make it asymmetrical, add a few pieces of lace to it, make it into a co-ord or even a tote bag. Repurposing your old pieces to be something new that you love is extremely skillful but also rewarding and it settles that craving to buy a whole new wardrobe over and over again.


Anna has shown us what she can make out of can lids and how exactly to do that. But what about all the other types of metal that we use and discard? There have been videos online of people turning old spoons into rings, or what about turning them into pins, charms and even earrings. There are little ways we can create something unique and stunning that will be appreciated more than a pair of earrings you bought from Shein.

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