How to Travel in Style Through the Streets of Paris

Paris in the summer is a true sight to behold. Whether you are visiting for the incredible food or the incredibly chic fashion, it is important to keep in mind a few simple tips for effortless travel Parisian style, of course.

1. Skip the Taxis and Take a Walk

When you’ve got a jam­-packed schedule of things to do and sights to see, it can be easy to flag down a taxi everywhere you go. However, to do so would be to miss out on what true Paris is like, and this can only be done on foot. Slow down; take a breath and don’t be afraid to get lost. You might end up skipping the tourist traps and wandering into a surprise highlight of your trip.  


2. Blend in with Parisian Style

The French have a very particular and devastatingly chic street style, and deviation from it can make you stick out like a tourist­y sore thumb. So, follow a few simple rules: pick simple, tailored pieces in neutral tones, don’t go overboard with your makeup, and lose the heels. You’ll be a parisienne in no time.  


3. Stay Hydrated ­ Your Skin, Too

The only downside of walking around all day is that it can be downright dehydrating!

Make sure you carry a bottle of water with you during the summer months. And while you’re keeping hydrated, don’t forget about your skin! Try a thermal water mist to keep your face moisturized and supple, even in the harshest heat.  


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4. Carry the Right Bag

Now that you’ve got a bottle of water, why not pick out a stylish place to keep it? Keep your hands free and available to take pictures by using a roomy and versatile handbag that can fit everything from your passport to that extra package of macarons you bought for later.  


5. Treat Your Feet

Now when we recommended flats earlier, we didn’t mean just any flats. Pick a pair of shoes that are comfortable and polished at the same time. There are tons of great fashionable sneaker options nowadays, especially from top-­end leisurewear brands, so there really is something for everyone!


6. Sunscreen

In addition to moisturizing your skin, make sure you don’t forget to protect it from harmful UV rays, too! Remember: a glowing Parisian tan is sexy, but an angry red sunburn is not.  


7. Remember to Refuel

While you’re exploring Paris on your own terms, don’t be afraid to wander into a small cafe and ask them for their specialty. You may not speak a word of French, but whatever you end up ordering is sure to be absolutely delicious.


8. Layers Are Your Friend

As you travel through Paris, you’re sure to be alternating between hot summer streets and over­ air conditioned shops and cafes. The best way to deal with this is by wearing layers. A light linen scarf is a great place to start.


9. One Word: Waterproof

Waterproof and sweatproof makeup will be your best friend on this trip. Make sure to use primer before applying your foundation, and only use a swipe or two of a good waterproof mascara for a polished, fresh makeup look.  


10. Enjoy It  

Experience your time in Paris to the fullest. People write incredible novels, paint million-­dollar pieces of art, and write completely beautiful songs about Paris because it really is that great. Take your time, be present, and enjoy every minute of what is sure to be an unforgettable trip.  

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