Treat yourself like a lady: Everything you need for a DIY Me Day

Plenty of responsibilities, so little time! It’s no wonder you’re having a rough day. If your days are stretching longer, and you’re exhausted beyond repair—take a step back and think about yourself. You don’t need to do something drastic such as resign from your job or use PMS as an excuse all the time because of your attitude—you just need a Me Day!

Take a break and treat yourself without breaking the bank. Here are our top DIY tips to have the best day ever:


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Your Dance Playlist On
Start your Me Day on the right note—pun intended—by creating a playlist you enjoy. We suggest instrumentals of your favourite songs. How about a Disney repertoire? Find your groove and let loose! Just put your phone in an empty glass bowl that will serve as your DIY speakers to amplify the fun.  


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Good ol’ Mug o’ Beer
And it’s not for you to drink, but for your hair! If you’re always styling your hair, putting various products to make sure you look extra fine every time you’re out, it’s only right that you put it down and give it your very own spa treatment. There’s no need to go to the salon and spend a fortune either. Rich in B vitamins, ½ cup of beer with one egg and apple cider vinegar will work as a great hair conditioner! Leave it on for half an hour and then rinse with cool water. Now, it’s up to you what you’re going to do with the remaining beer…


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A Good Soak
Spoil yourself with a warm bath, ambient music, and an alcoholic beverage on the side. Instead of the typical glass of wine, how about your favourite vodka cocktail mix? Soak away all your problems today, and for a moment, forget about life’s drama and your demanding boss. You can put a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bath for a more relaxing effect.


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Netflix and Really Chill
Catch up on the latest TV series or movies! And for once, stop thinking about what he or your friends want to watch. It’s about what YOU want to watch today. Do you need to binge on your romcom faves? How about a Star Trek marathon? Maybe revisit Brad Pitt’s glory in Troy? Snuggle up with a couple of pillows, popcorn, your drink, and let the movies take you to another world.

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A Book from Your Childhood
On the other hand, a sure way to relax is to forget that your laptop or smartphone exists. Kick back and relax with a real book—specifically one you enjoyed as a little girl. Don’t check your emails and messages and just concentrate on your nostalgic adventure. It’s like giving your brain a healthy exercise too!


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A Solo Picnic
Have a roommate? Or do you live with your family? Pack your food, your book, or your playlist and a blanket to the nearest park. Me Day is about time alone and focusing on YOU. Soak under the sun, feel the soft grass under your toes, and savor the strangers’ faces who want nothing from you.


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A Space Trip
There’s more to the city than your office, shopping malls, and traffic. Depending on your level of imagination, planetariums can give you a semi virtual experience about the breathtaking world beyond. Now that’s an out of this world experience for your Me Day!

Finally, create your Me Day bucketlist now and plan ahead. Don’t let stress win in your life and put yourself first for once! What do you dream of doing when you’re on your Me Day? Whatever it is, just remember to treat yourself!

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