Trendy Tips When Selecting Comfortable Shoes

Many of us love the city life. The streets buzzing with activity with so many things to do but so little time. We are so busy with our own livelihood that we take approximately five thousand steps on average per day in the US. That is almost 2 million steps in a year. It is pretty obvious that walking is indispensable. This means we will walk no matter what, which is why we should make sure we must use the most comfortable footwear regularly.

Let’s help you understand what to look for when choosing the best and most comfortable pair. Choosing the right pair will save you a lot in the long run. There are a lot of online shopping websites now where you can buy footwear and if you do buy from them some of the tips in this list might not apply. To save more on the cost of your shoes you might want to consider looking into shopping online as it is cheaper and they have deals where you can use coupons to get more value for your money.

1. Ergonomically Designed for Comfort

Basic shoe comfort design components include an ankle collar to help reduce friction between the back of the shoe and your ankle. The Achilles notch should also be present for the same reason. Nowadays, especially for running shoes, it is not uncommon to see a padded notch not just for comfort but it provides support to your heel. Next is finding the right kind of toe box, you don’t want your toes to get squished by your own shoe make sure you find one with the right amount of room for your toes.

Find a shoe that has a flexible sole. The degree of flexibility that you will require will depend on the type of activities that you intend to engage in when using the shoes. The flexibility will affect balance, stability and your range of motion.

2. The Design should go with Lightweight Materials

Unless you are operating heavy machinery, you are not likely to wear heavy construction or work-boots. In the old daya, this may have been common, but not anymore – unless of course your job requires steel toed boots or sturdy ankle support of course. Then your options for comfort may be with insoles. 

3. Stable

How many women have you seen trip in your lifetime because they wore impossible heels? Too many. Find a shoe that has a wider heel for better support and stability. Sure, you should have one of those fancy impossible pieces in your shoe rack but your day-to-day heeled footwear should be more than just looking chic it should be reliable. If we are to look at walking or running shoes, the same principle applies. Find a pair with a wider heel as opposed to smaller heels because shoes are more stable that way.

4. Cushioned

10 years back, unless your shoe was a designer shoe, you would probably not have owned a shoe with cushioning in the sole. Now, it is the standard. If you can feel the material of the sole of your shoe with your heel, you need to switch. Cushioning improves the overall experience of wearing a shoe. It takes the comfort level much higher compared to non-cushioned footwear. It would be hard to find walking or running footwear without cushioned sole.

5. The Right Size

If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. Know your feet size. If you are looking for comfort, the shoe needs to fit right.

It may seem that there is a lot more involved in choosing your shoes, you are right. If you haven’t been running this list all those time you bought a pair, you must have selected the least best from the bunch. Moving forward, if you follow these tips, you are not only guaranteed to find the style that you like but also the comfort that you need.


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