Umbrellas are the new Raincoat

The last place we stayed was in a severe drought, through to last week at least. It had finally rained the night before we left, making moving a pain but the trip was dry and we’ve been enjoying 75 degree weather all week until today. For the last couple weeks I’ve heard tons of people complaining about the rain, New York, London and of course the Northwest US (rain central) and after not seeing rain for nearly 8 months (because of the drought and all), I finally got to take part with a great thunderstorm. Rain, hail, lightening, the whole deal.. and it was great. I literally moved away from the Northwest US because of the mucky, rainy weather, but I love a great storm.
Rain isn’t all bad and it no one gets a day off because of it. The streets are still filled with well dressed people, possibly soaking wet, but there nonetheless.

Fashionista AW13: Mr & Mrs

Fashionista AW13: Mr & Mrs
By gregjack in London


by madbharata in London


medical student?
by Brian Sparks in Hong Kong

Highland & North Ave.

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