Uniqlo Releases Retro Care Bare Tees

Even if you didn’t grow up in the 80s, I think most of us can appreciate the retro qualities of shows like The Care Bears, My Little Pony, Fraggle Rock and Rainbow Bright.

It’s not often that you see tee with these images on them anymore and of course Loony Tunes was ruined and tainted completely by companies like Walmart making it into the worlds most white trash clothing line.

I like cute and retro things and thought I might share these cute tees with my readers, for a little retro flashback or possibly you will want one! Made by Uniqlo, They are super affordable, and since everyone is buying their Spring and Summer wardrobes, it’s always a relief to find a few nicely priced tees!

Just £7.99

Carebears Retro Tees

See them all here

One thought on “Uniqlo Releases Retro Care Bare Tees

  1. this looks like a summer tee i would rock out beaucse i really like the funkyness with big red and pink lipstick, and the gold “glamlife” writing on the t-shirt =]

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