Unusual USA City Breaks

If you were asked to think of a potential destination for a city break in the US, where would you think of?

Like most people, your mind would probably immediately move to the best-known cities. You’d suggest Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Miami, Los Angeles— and there’s no doubt that these cities are all wonderful to visit.

However, the US is a truly huge country, and if you’re looking for a city break, then why not think outside the box? There are literally hundreds of different cities in the US, so there’s plenty to choose from if you want to try a city break to somewhere a little more unusual. Below are five cities that are well worth your consideration…

Newark, New Jersey

Newark can be visited as a city break in and of itself, or take a day trip from the nearby New York. Whichever you choose, Newark is undoubtedly a wonderful city to visit, full of beautiful views over the water and plenty to entertain you for the duration of your stay.

Must See: Branch Brook Park is absolutely beautiful year-round, but truly comes into its own during the spring months, when its cherry trees burst to life with blossom.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is the kind of city where there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for art, for scenery, or just for a city with a great nightlife, Indianapolis makes for a fantastic choice. Accommodation is easy to find, with options including the Indianapolis Marriott North and simple bed-and-breakfast affairs, and while the weather isn’t the most reliable, you’re still likely to enjoy pleasant conditions during the summer months.

Must See: Indianapolis Zoo and botanical gardens makes for a wonderful trip, providing a little peace and tranquility in a bustling city.

Richmond, Virginia

If you’re a fan of historical sightseeing, then Richmond is the city for you. As one of the oldest established cities in the US, Richmond makes for a truly fantastic city break that provides a window to the past. The modern-day city is wonderful too, with a lively atmosphere and fantastic local cuisine to enjoy.

Must See: The American Civil War Museum is a fantastic place to visit, featuring a comprehensive guide to the war, artefacts, and exhibitions that any history buff will love.

Tucson, Arizona

If you’re looking for a city break in the sunshine, then Tucson won’t disappoint. This beautiful desert city offers an experience that you won’t forget, while still maintaining all of the metropolitan delights travellers might expect from a city break. Accommodation is affordable and varied, and the weather is reliably bright and sunny, so you can be confident a trip to Tucson will never let you down.

Must See: Saguaro National Park. Wander among the cacti, explore the stunning views over the desert, and visit the ancient petroglyphs for a day trip unlike any other.

In conclusion

So while the big cities of the US might demand attention, there’s plenty more to explore in a nation so vast. The four cities above are just the tip of the iceberg, and every one of them is well worth considering for your next city break.

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