Valentines Day’s Preemptive Post

Valentines is always kind of a sad day for me these recent years. A few years ago, a boy from one of my art classes took a bus 2 hours to come to my work. He showed up with a dozen roses and a $50 box of chocolate.. sadly, I didn’t like him like that. I was surprised and smiled, said thank you and hugged him, he looked at me like I kicked him in the face, and left. I guess he expected me to kiss him. It was really sad and to this day makes me feel bad. I didn’t see him again until a year later at a bus stop. He had stopped drawing and was joining the air force. That made me really sad as well, he had been a great graffiti style artist.
But. It doesn’t have to be like that and for most people I suppose it’s not! (I dont really know for a fact though).
If anyone has a valentines story, good or sad, post it!

Valentines doesn’t have to be about love only, it can be a reason to wear or buy red and pink clothes, give your best friends valentines and make cupcakes. I,ll be making some cupcakes later today and I,ll post the photos for everyone to drool over! For now, until I fulfill your cravings, check out these finds from the group and etsy shopping!

Playing cards

Vintage Valentine

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by boboniaa


Valentines Shopping Finds!

Starlet Vintage

Nstyle Vintage

Vintage Valentines Cards!

Find more cards!

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