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Retail Web Series by Derek Baynham
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RETAIL: A Fashion Retail Parody Web Series

“Welcome to the Stanford & Mitch team! Let’s learn about how to be cool and respect each other!” The web series “RETAIL” is a hilarious take on working fashion retail at one of the many “mall hot spots” or, as you might get the impression from parts of the series, American Apparel itself. I worked retail for years and although I didn’t have the exact experience as in a Stanford & Mitch retail location, the situations…

Ze! Malaysian Electropop
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Fashion Icon: Ze! – Electropop Glam-Core Awesome!

Ze! is the Fashion Icon of the week here at Street Fashion Worldwide and there’s no need for an explanation. Her outfits scream ZE! and reflect her electropop glam-core music and personality in a colorful and memorable way. No one can resist her eye-poppingly original outfits or her highly danceable up-beat music and personality – not even those of you who like to keep things a little more conservative. She will grab your head and yank…