Ways to Add More Personality to Your Home

When it comes to a home’s décor you can decorate to enhance not only the charm of the home, but also to represent your personality, character and personal style. And with the right approach to décor, you can make your home a true reflection of self, here’s how.


#1 Choose the Perfect Paint Color

Painting a room in a color that is pleasing to you is one of the first ways to add more personality to any space. This is because the color of a wall provides the perfect backdrop for the rest of your décor. What’s more is that an inspiring paint color can directly reflect your personality. For instance, the choice between bold, eclectic, fun or more subdued, subtle and relaxing colors are all indicative of your personality and personal aesthetic.


What’s more is that you can use paint colors in other ways around the home to add even more personal flair. For instance, you could paint an accent wall to make a statement, choosing either one color or multiple colors in a pattern. You can also choose to paint your front door in a fun color, providing visitors with a taste of your personality as soon as they arrive. Or you could even choose a favorite paint color for the entire exterior of your home, giving the entire neighborhood a glimpse into your unique style.

#2 Add Home Furnishings & Décor That You Adore

Another tip for personalizing your home is to add only the décor that you absolutely love. Start with items for each room like furniture that are a match for your personality. For instance, do you have a very laid-back personality? If so, Bohemian chic décor may be a good fit for you. Or are you more eccentric and outgoing? If so then maybe an art deco style with grand conversational pieces may be the best direction for you. Similarly, decorating according to lifestyle is another great way to approach interior design. For instance, have you recently gone green? If so then you may want to consider a minimalist Feng shui décor style. Or if consider yourself to have a classy style, you could try a Hollywood glam look full of accessories with vibrant gemstones!


There are so many different styles and concepts to choose from when it comes to decorating your home and you can choose the right fit in furnishings and accessories by choosing items that speak to your own personality. Also, do not be afraid to take your time curating the right items. Decorating does not have to be done overnight. Instead, choose furniture, accessories, colors and textures that you are most attracted to—this I interior décor that is truly representative of you.


#3 Add Personal Touches

Lastly, add personal touches all throughout the home. To start, try gallery walls in living rooms, kitchens or hallways that are full of personal photos of yourself, family and loved ones. Galleries of photographs can be placed in frames of the same color or you could opt for an assortment of frames for a look that is all your own. You could even add other fun wall décor such as paintings and prints into this mix to add even more of your personality to your home.


Other fun personal touches can be added to mantles, shelves and table tops. For instance, add accessories including vases, bowls, artwork, books, knick-knacks, family heirlooms or even DIY items such as arts and crafts from the kids and use these items to reflect your personality. The great thing about such items is that many of them will have significance and meaning to you, as is the case for heirlooms. You will cherish these items no matter how much you move them around or re-decorate the space in the future.

Truly, the home is where the heart is and you can make your home all your own by decorating to fit your special personality. Consider any of these great tips to add loads of personality to your space, ensuring your comfort while you also give others a glimpse into your truest self.


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