Wearable Tech: The Future of Men’s Fashion?

Although ‘geek chic’ has become a thing in recent years, there’s still not that much crossover when it comes to technology and fashion, or at least that might have been true a few years ago. Wearable technology has received a lot of hype in recent times and while much of it has focused on the utility of these high-end gadgets, there’s plenty to be said about the look they create too.
If you’re interested in technology, fashion, or just the latest trends, here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know regarding wearable tech.

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Style takes time

Wearable technology, in its early days at least, suffered from something of an image problem.  The technology industry, which is generally focused on functionality, struggled to deliver products that people actually wanted to be seen wearing – that could be counted as fashion accessories in their own right.

Smartwatches, in their modern iteration, have been available since the turn of the decade, but have only recently started to match traditional watches for style and visual appeal. Given that the look of a watch is often the primary factor in deciding whether to make a purchase, this can only come as a boost for the wearable industry.

Branching out into new areas

Another important development that is pushing wearable technology into the fashion realm, is the broadening of its product base. Although the main wearable in the consumer sphere remains the smartwatch, there are a number of other accessories being created.

There are already smart glasses, digital jewellery and even programmable clothing being developed. In many of cases, the technology remains at a prototype stage and consumer attitudes may have to change somewhat before these wearables find mainstream acceptance in the same way as smartwatches. However, if wearables are to become an integral part of the way people look and dress, the number of different products available will need to continue to grow.

Is it right for you?

Even as wearables grow in popularity, individuals should not necessarily jump aboard the bandwagon, without first thinking about whether their new gadget suits their look. 

Even though wearables may seem futuristic, the same old laws of fashion apply when deciding whether or not to wear your high-tech gadget or not. Ask yourself, what do girls find attractive in guys and what do you feel confident wearing? If your wearable device ticks both boxes then feel free to embrace the latest tech trends. Play owocówki online for some extra money for your next date or wearable tech!

The waiting game

Although there are tech accessories available today that double as genuinely stylish items, for many the wearable trend will be one to keep an eye on, rather than one to follow right now. Currently, many of the products still look like tech gadgets, which will suit some, but not others. In the near future, however, fashion and technology will become so integrated that products will be available that not only offer amazing functionality, but look great too.
Fashion trends change quickly and so does the world of technology. If these two diverse industries can come together to offer wearable tech solutions that double as must-have stylish accessories, then the future of men’s fashion will never be the same.

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