Wearing Trainers and Girls Shoes With Skinny Jeans

After the last few months where the weather was poor, more and more people will turn to jeans as their trusted choice for trousers. With some jean styles, especially with skinny jeans, finding matching shoes can be a challenge. However, with some care and consideration, the perfect pair of trainers will compliment a pair of skinny jeans. There are a few types of shoe to consider wearing with this style of jeans.

Gingham 2.0Flat Shoes and Skinny Jeans

For tall and slender ladies, flat shoes can look great with a pair of skinny jeans. Ballet flats are a comfortable choice with a closed toe, which is both stylish and practical during spring. These shoes will not draw attention to people’s feet, and they can complete a lady’s long, slender appearance.

_MG_5655 SBoots and Skinny Jeans

If skinny jeans were designed for any practical reason, other than to be tight, it was to be tucked into boots. Almost any pair of boots will go with skinny jeans. Anything from cowboy or cowgirl boots to any other style of boots can be worn with these jeans; even rain boots are an option, but remember it is still the English summer. People simply need to tuck their jeans into the boots and walk out the door.

High Heels and Skinny Jeans

For women who want to wear heels with skinny jeans, consider opting for a basic pump with a slightly pointed toe. Some high heels, such as stilettos, create a very narrow base when paired with the tapered legs of these jeans. But, a conservative pump can provide a lift while matching the rest of an outfit.

25.03.09Canvas Shoes and Skinny Jeans
This look found its beginning in the 1950s and has been popular ever since. Canvas Shoes from Wynsors and skinny jeans are a classic and timeless fashion statement. Yet, even with this widely accepted style, people must consider which canvas shoes will go best with fitted denim. Canvas shoes or pumps are comfortable and wearable in heat or in cold which often make them the chosen footwear for people to make sure you can adapt to the British weather change.

As people resurrect summer wardrobes from the depths of their closets, where clothes have been stored for the winter, skirts and dresses will be worn more often. While skinny jeans can be worn any time of year, they especially offer practical style during the fall and winter. Pairing skinny jeans with the right pair of girls shoes available at Wynsors can create a fashionable outfit.

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