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What happens to fashion bloggers? Why do they go away?

Photo by Alessia Cessana in Milan

Every couple of months I go through my links, in my blogroll and on my links page, and when I can, the city pages, and every time I have to remove several blogs because they either stopped blogging months ago, or their site is gone completely.

Reason: Blogging is not easy. Not as easy as some people make it look. The most successful blogs have a team of idea people, writers and editors making sure all the content is top quality and ready to go. Very few fashion bloggers working by themselves will ever be known or appreciated. Me for examples, I have had this blog for about 5 years now have almost no comments to make me feel good about going on with the blog, maybe one of the reasons I dont blog as much as I should. I cant find contributors, I cant pay anyone and It’s hard to find content I care about sometimes.

One thing I always care about is photography. When fashion isn’t enough, the photos of fashion always keep me going. That may not be every fashion bloggers opinion but I have noticed that photos make blogs, and the words merely accessorize them. The blogs with the best, most crisp and creative street fashion photos, do the best and continue posting. Everyone would like to think a blog could survive on iphone snapshots of themselves in the mirror but they cant. People want to look at photos of fashion, other people, and cool things they want to own, especially after a hard day of work or school.

the cutest mouse :)

This is hard for those of us who like to write about things in some more length and have things to say beyond “this is cool, I want to wear/own it!”. I like to write about the street fashion culture, the direction its going, and the social effects of trends.

What it comes down to is, fashion bloggers, whatever your style, do it because you love it, and dont quit because you dont get enough comments. I get over 1000 visits a day and no comments all the time, and after 5 years, its only getting more known, slowly, but eventually. How does this pay off? I know my writing is getting around, photos from the group (and photographers) get attention and eventually, maybe, I can hire some people to help make this a real deal kind of blog. Being patient does pay off sometimes I swear.

Keep your heads up! I dont want to remove anybody else’s blog!

Photo by Alessia Cessana in Milan

Photo by Alessia Cessana in Milan

By Chic Photos

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