What kind of fashion does Street-Fashion.net get for the holidays?

FLEECE! Yeah, I didn’t expect it really but I got allot of fleece. As much as I can appreciate the usefulness of a fleecey layer, especially now that I’m living in the northern hemisphere again, It’s not the most fashionable.

I recently went to a local fabric store to look for some material to make my dog a fluffy new bed for xmas and was shocked to find several aisles of nothing but fleece in solids and disastrous patterns (malformed wolves to toy trucks).

Well it made me wonder if it was even possible to have fleece and cool in the same sentence, so i searched around and found out it is surprisingly possible!

This hoody, amung several other fleece items on the website (link), is relatively basic and goes with just about anything, and with the way i dress, I need as many mediators as possible between gold vintage adidas and hot pink shirts. It’s flattering in the hip area for the curvy and curveless alike and has a hood you can actually put on your head (something many hoodies cant provide for some reason). Its long enough to wear with just tights, if you’re into that, or with jeans and well… anything.
The price on this one is what you expect from Juicy Couture so I’m still on the lookout for cat hair proof fleece till I can save up! Till then I’ll be stocking up on lint removers and using what my moma gave me… by that I mean my Xmas fleece :p. I spent the New Years in Vancouver BC and was promptly reminded how badly it’s needed at times! Times with freezing temperatures!

<3 amber

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