What to Consider When Buying the Perfect Running Shoes

Finding the right running shoes among a huge variety at a local store is not always easy. This is because there are different types of running shoes that are classified with respect to one’s foot shape. For instance, a person with overpronation is required to purchase middle control shoes, while a supinator should go for cushioning shoes.

The importance of finding the right running shoes cannot be overlooked, as picking the wrong one could mean injury if not handled properly. Running shoes should increase the quality of your run while still maintaining comfort. Here are some of the things you should consider when buying ideal running shoes:


The shape of your arch


A good pair of running shoes should match the shape of your arch. This is because your arch supports your entire body weight. Wrong running shoes will result to pain in the arch that will tend to spread to the ankles, calf and the lower leg. There are normally three types of arches:


  • Low arch


People with low arch require flexible yet stable shoes with less cushioning.


  • Medium arch


Due to the proper proportionality of the leg, people in this category can enjoy a variety of shoes depending on taste.


  • High arch


People with high arch have large space at the bottom of their legs and thus there is need for shoes with cushioning to absorb stress and shock developed during landings.


Weight of the shoes

When it comes to running, the lighter you are, the faster you run. Having light shoes around your feet will make it easier for you to run. However, care should be taken to avoid reducing material to the extent where shock absorbing properties of the shoes are compromised. Instead, shoes with light, well-cushioned materials should be chosen.



When purchasing running shoes, one should ensure they budget themselves well. Buying cheap shoes is not always bad, while buying expensive ones will not guarantee comfort and success. Instead, one should check what suits him or her rather than the price tag. Identifying stores offering discounts and coupons will help you save money which you can channel to other projects.



Going for quality is advisable when investing in shoes which you expect to serve you for a long period. This may seem expensive but will prove otherwise down the line as you will not require frequent replacement. Also, different material for different terrain, climate and nature of the surface you are going to run will determine the kind of running shoes you will purchase. The size and weight of the runner also determines the strength of material that will serve them for the required period of time.



Good running shoes should neither be too small nor too large. Too small shoes results to blisters and black toenails which are very painful. On the other hand too large shoes will slow down a runner due to lack of proper grip. The right size fits well, feel comfortable and prevent injuries. When doing next purchase be sure to pick the right size.



For running shoes to be efficient, they must be able to bend and cease along the line of flex of the runner. This prevent foot arch pain, calf injuries and pain in the toes. Additionally, it increase efficiency and feet comfort. Rigid shoes are associated with calf strain while imbalanced flex results to plantar fasciitis pain.


The ability to choose the right running shoes cannot be overlooked. To avoid injuries, improve our speed and increase comfort level, buying the ideal running shoes should be made priority and thus intense research should be done. Identifying what suits your needs is significant.


Having expensive shoes does not guarantee success if you are in competition neither does the affordable ones. Being used to a particular shoe will enhance your tour experience due to compatibility gained over time. Remember, it is quality that matters and not price!

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