Why I Love Jumpsuits

I was never very adventurous with clothes, especially when I went out in the evening. Perhaps it was shyness, a lack of interest in fashion or just general laziness, but at college and even when I started work, I always stuck to a failsafe top and skirt combination, with the same heels and a pair of tights that were constantly getting ripped and laddered.  After a while, I realised that all the photos of me taken on nights out looked the same, a pretty depressing sight if truth be told. Whether dancing the conga on holiday, doing jelly shots at Uni, or mingling with my new and rather glamorous work colleagues, I looked more like an extra from Last of the Summer Wine than a happy and carefree young woman.

It was at this particular realisation that I decided it was time to liven up my wardrobe. I purchased a few bodycon dresses, a print tea dress and even a fake leather jacket, just to be really crazy. The first night out post-Outfitgate, a friend complimented me on my new look. She then went on to suggest buying a jumpsuit. I was so shocked at the thought of me in a spandex jumpsuit that I almost spat my drink out. My mind had turned straight to tiny playsuits and onesies, you see. However, several G and Ts later and once my friend had explained the difference, I reluctantly agreed to be taken shopping for a jumpsuit.

It was love at first sight. I simply loved how they made me feel and how the shape of the jumpsuit flattered my curves and smoothed over any bumps. In the shop I bought a black and gold jumpsuit for nights out and a cosy denim jumpsuit to at home.  I have worn both ever since.

291313401One of the best things about jumpsuits is that they are so comfortable, which is a novelty when you’re trying to look smart and sophisticated out on the town. They are so easy to wear; you don’t have worry about keeping a shirt tucked in or not laddering your tights, you can just get on with enjoying yourself and having a great night. I love wearing jumpsuits in two colours; especially ones that have black trousers, and a white top half. This style looks really smart, as if you’re wearing a blouse and suit trousers, but also suggests a playful, more laid back side. Jumpsuits are so versatile and there are lots of different styles to choose from. You can wear them to casual events, when you go out in the evening, or even to work. They suit people of all ages and sizes, they give you a great silhouette, and it’s all with minimal effort.

290375460So next time you have an outfit dilemma and can’t decide what to wear on an evening out, throw on a jumpsuit for instant sophistication and glamour. Or, if you’re at home and you’re fed up of the sweater-and-jeans routine, chuck on a denim jumpsuit. Whatever the occasion, I guarantee you’ll love it!

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