Why is Vietnam the Next Tourist Destination?

Traveling the world is always one of the most interesting and fun activities that we look forward to. Yes, it’s true, you can visit practically any corner of the world and still have a great time, but if you’re adventurous and you love trying out new things, why not get lost somewhere that’s (still) not so popular with tourists? One such place lies in Asia. Vietnam is really a place to behold as it’s home to some of the most beautiful landscapes that this part of the world has to offer. Not convinced yet? Take a look at all the wonderful things you can do there:

A great place to get lost

Vietnam Views

Photo by Anh Nguyen

The first thing that you definitely need to check out is the capital of Vietnam, the wonderful Hanoi. There are two different ways in which you can experience this city – you can either be accommodated in one of the best hotels there and be a real tourist, or you can choose to find a place in the Old Quarter. By doing the latter, you will certainly experience this place in the most authentic way. Visiting the National Museum of Vietnamese History or seeing the Bach Ma Temple will, for example, definitely make your stay here much more interesting. The Old Quarter is the busiest and most crowded part of the city. Bear in mind that it can be quite difficult to find your way through the busy streets of Hanoi, but this is also an experience that the more adventurous tourists want to have. Mind the traffic as well, as it seems that everyone is riding a scooter!

Experiencing the country in the most authentic way

Speaking of scooters, you need to know that travelling around this country on a motorbike is the most popular thing here. Why? One of the reasons is definitely the high tax on the cars, so only the rich citizens can afford one. Moreover, it’s quite flexible, so it’s easier to move through the narrow and busy streets of Vietnam. What this means is that you could spend a couple of days in Hanoi, and then slowly make your way on your motorbike and visit some of the other must-visit spots in Vietnam such as the Ha Long Bay or the Cu Chi Tunnels if you’re up for an adventure.

You can have your own Saigon experience

Photo by Bảo Ngọc Hồ

Since you’re on the motorbike, and you’ve already seen Hanoi, perhaps it would be a great idea to visit another great place in Vietnam. We’re talking about the legendary Ho Chi Minh City, a place that lies just along the Saigon River. It was formerly known as Saigon, and it served as the capital of Vietnam in the Vietnam War. Now, if you want to experience this city in an extraordinarily authentic way, make sure that you book a Ho Chi Minh City tour at night and see all the amazing things this particular tour has to offer. You will get to experience a ride down the newly built Saigon freeway, seeing the red paper lanterns in Cholon and being completely mesmerized by the view from Thu Thiem bridge. Moreover, you will be exploring a plethora of Saigon dishes on multiple occasions which is always an amazing thing to do.

You can step in the Hoi An time capsule

Once you’ve tried all the authentic, unique and wonderful Vietnam dishes in Ho Chi Minh, and you’re a fan of history at the same time, make sure to start your motorbike and go to Hoi An. This is definitely the most important historical town in Vietnam, and you will most certainly love it. It’s located in the center of the country, and the water and rice paddies that surround it makes this place even more beautiful. The Vietnam War affected the country, but Hoi An is the city that hasn’t been touched a lot, so you can see many authentic Vietnamese buildings there. This is why the whole town (especially the Old part of the town) is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Make your own wallpaper of rice terraces

Photo by Peter Hammer

Finally, you will definitely head to Hanoi once again, probably before taking your next flight home. However, make sure to allocate at least one day for visiting the picturesque fields of Sapa, which are very close to Hanoi and make your own wallpaper by photographing some of the most beautiful sights. Namely, Sapa is the home to rice terraces of green and yellow fields, and this site will definitely leave you in awe. If you have some extra time, you can also go to nearby villages and meet the people and tribes there. It’s definite that you will like them.

Well, you must be convinced now! As you can see, Vietnam is indeed a unique place – there’s no other place quite like it. And since it’s becoming more and more popular with tourists, it would be an excellent idea to book your stay there now, before it becomes mainstream. In a couple of years, you will be able to say ‘’I’ve been here before.”

Featured photo by Photo by Rashel Ochoa on Unsplash

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