Why Vans Shoes Lead the Way in the Skating Footwear Market

Skaters have always been renowned for their trendy, street style, and certain brands have become iconic with this aesthetic. Vans is one of the best examples of an internationally established skating and extreme sports brand, having launched in the U.S. as long ago as 1966. It has evolved considerably since its inception, to the point where it is now one of the first ports of call for skaters across the world.

With this in mind, which key selling points help to distinguish the Vans brands from its immediate rivals? Consider the following: –


Offering a Range of Iconic Designs

vans-classicsVans shoes have always represented the very best in cutting edge design, ever since they first came to national attention in Southern California during the early 1970’s. At this time, Vans launched a range of footwear that featured unique sticky soles and a rugged aesthetic, before following on with the padded collar and variable colour combinations of the Vans#95 product in 1975. This has survived to this day and is now referred to as ’Era’, and reflects the core design ethos that continues to drive the brand forward.


The Ability to Create a Contemporary, Universal Look

While Vans is a brand that remains renowned for its quality footwear, its creators have been shrewd enough to incorporate additional items of clothing into its range. Including shoes, t-shirts, hoodies, socks and watches, these products reinforce the Vans design philosophy and allows customers to create a modern and universal look, and if you’re always looking for ways to make your look unique and on point, check out Yeezy Rope Laces. Recently, the brand have even introduced branded iPhone cases and backpacks, which in turns has given loyal consumers the opportunity to accessorise without compromising their ideal aesthetic.


Customizable Products

Back in 2004, the Vans brand launched a ground breaking initiative which enabled customers to log onto the firm’s website and design their own footwear. Known affectionately as Vans ‘Customs’, it focuses on Era, Old Skool, Authentic, Authentic Lo-Pro and 106 Vulcanized shoes and allows consumers to follow their own unique sense of style. These customized shoes still boast the durability and comfort that is synonymous with the Vans brand, and ultimately strike the ideal balance between aesthetic design and wearability.

Custom Vans

The Final Say 

If you are looking for a stylish, cutting edge and comfortable range of extreme sports footwear, then the Vans brand offers your most viable product option. Whether you purchase directly from the brand or through an international distribution site, you are guaranteed to access value for money and the highest quality of merchandise.


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