Winter Sun Essentials You Shouldn’t Forget

Going on vacation during the winter months can always feel a bit strange. As soon as spring hits, we’re all ready to take on the summer and any vacations that come our way. But during the winter, even when we really feel like we need a vacation, it’s always strange to think about actually heading out on vacation. When you’re firmly in winter mode, trying to pack for your destination vacation can also feel strange. So much so that you don’t always know what you need to pack up and take with you. So if you’re heading to a warmer climate this winter and you’re not really sure what you need, here are the essential that you shouldn’t forget.

Sun Care

The first thing that you always have to remember to pack when you’re heading out to the sunshine, is, of course, your sun care products. We all have our travel beauty essentialsthat we know we want to take with us, but you have to remember the right sun care too. This is likely to be different for everybody, but you need the essential SPF products like sunscreen for the body and face, as well as an SPF product to protect your hair and even your lips from the sun too.

Sweat-Proof Makeup

Next, makeup. Of course, it’s likely that you know you need to take makeup with you when you go away, but if you’re heading to a hot climate, and you’ve gotten used to the cold already this season, you should think about the right makeup. For this, you might not only need makeup that’s ACTUALLY waterproof for the poolside, but sweat-proof too. So go back to some heavier coverage foundations that will keep your skin look good in the sun too.

Outstanding Outfits

Then it’s onto the outfits you need. You are likely to need your daywear that’s light and breezy to keep you cool when you’re active, but you also need some stunning evening looks too. Whether you choose to take your heels and dresses, or keep it a little more casual with summer style flats, definitely plan your outfits in advance so you know you’ll feel good each night at dinner.

Poolside Staples

Next, you need your pool staples. At this time of year, they’re easy to forget. But stores are getting better at recognizing that people are still heading to the sun in winter. So you should find great essentials like sandals and swimsuits in the stores still. Happy shopping!

Chill Out Equipment

And finally, when you’re heading away for some winter sun, it’s likely that you’re going away to relax and chill out. For that, you’re going to want to pack some summer reads that are going to be the perfect source of escapism. Because when you’re lying by the pool and sipping a cocktail, you want something easy to read and enjoy on your vacation. And don’t forget to pick the perfect playlists on your music device too, for when you want to listen and switch off.

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