Wood Watch Envy: Jord Delmar Drift Series

I’ve had my Jord watch for nearly a year now and I’m still in love. I constantly get compliments when I wear it and it goes with nearly everything I own, but that’s not the only reason I wear it. The craftsmanship of a Jord wood watch is gorgeous, and the company has been very helpful with any support I’ve needed as well, making my purchase feel doubly worthy it every time I wear it.

I’m always telling everyone about their beautiful collections and variety of colors and styles, even if only to spread a little more beauty in the world. I also like when people feel hands free and they can tell the time with a watch and not have to yet again, pull out their smart phone. It makes people look cool, relaxed and casual when they just glance at their wrist to tell the time. A wrist adorned with a beautiful watch that makes my heart skip a beat, rather than a giant ugly block of technology they keep shoved in their pocket.

A new favorite of mine is the chunky, fashionable Delmar Drift series – a limited edition series. They come in a great variety of woods and color combos. My favorite is always the darker woods but the bamboo watches are really growing on me, especially for summer!

Now through May 31st the entire Delmar Drift series of wood watches will be $35 off! Just use the code: MYDRIFT35.

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