WTF Wednesday: Atlanta Georgia


By Cameron Adams

I’d like to introduce WTF Wednesday, in honor of two of my favorite blogs, Regretsy and Uncool Hunter, I thought Street Fashion had as much of a chance of finding some regrettable outfits. It’s all in good fun though, not personal to the person or the photographer. I can openly admit that I have had my share of WTF moment, looking in a mirror in a public place, having already left the house with something in my mind telling me “you look interesting” .. when I really looked , questionable. Everyone hopes not to end up on WTF Wednesday and believe me, you probably wont. It is reserved for those special moments on the street when I’m glad someone stopped to take a photo but it ended up in the Street Fashion group, and it should not have (and I’m glad it did so we can have WTF Wednesdays).

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