yes, it’s winter

08 11 21
08 11 21, originally uploaded by Sandy Rose.

t: thrifted
cardi: naning9
jeans: H&M
shoes: hotwind
boyfriend jacket: remixed

wr, originally uploaded by La Meow.

La Meow
“i finally decided to stop being lazy and put a little effort in my outfit instead of wearing the same thing everyday, which i get in the habit of doing.”

cream oversized cowl/funnel neck sweater- thrifted
wool boxy blazer- Swan Vintage last winter
black leather buckle shoes-thrifted
patent leather belt-thrifted

Finally, Winter cameIce storm
2008-11-20 grey and blackAlikiAfter fall...winter! Brrr...

Winter never stopped anyone form dressing great. Although I hate the cold I have to say that jackets are my favorite thing to shop for, I currently have.. 8. When I do venture out into the cold windy streets, I wear no less than 2 at a time.

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