Yet Another T-Shirt Design Contest!

COOl KIDS, COOL CASH T-Shirt Design Contest and The Cool Kids have teamed up to deliver our biggest contest ever– the $10,000 COOL KIDS COOL CASH T-shirt Design Contest!

Karmaloop is looking to find the illest t-shirt design that exemplifies the style, creativity, originality, and straight up dopeness of the Cool Kids!

“The Grand Prize winner will take home a never-heard-before $10,000!!! No that’s not a typo with an extra zero– we mean TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! $5,000 will be in cool hard cash and the other $5,000 will be in gift codes to use on, to fully lace yourself with a whole new wardrobe!

Do you know how many ill outfits you can piece together with $5 GRAND!? A LOT!   Not to mention with that $5,000 in cash you could start your own business, buy a car, cop 5,000 small fries off the dollar menu – whatever your heart desires!!! All you have to do is create an insanely good and original design and then rack up as many votes on the site as you can.

The top 10 vote getter’s designs will be presented to Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids, and they will pick which design is the winner.   The winner will then take home the $10,000, have their design made into t-shirts AND their design will be instantly internet famous because it will be sold on!   Don’t hesitate for another second – get out there and get on the grind! Good luck!!”

Read more about the contest here!

One thought on “Yet Another T-Shirt Design Contest!

  1. kalau teman2 mau pada ikutan T-Shirts Design competition minimal harus tahu tentang tehnik Printing yang ada dan cara membuat Design T-Shirts, untuk itu baca buku Basic Screen Printing for T-Shirts dan T-Shirts Design with Coreldraw & Photoshop terbitan Elex Media Computindo disitu diulas lengkap tentang tehnik printing juga Tinta Printing, seperti :
    – High Density Print
    – Foil Print
    – Flock Print
    – caviar Beads Print
    – Glliter Print
    – Discharge Print, Dll.

    untuk T-Shirts Design juga diulas lengkap khususnya ada 4 tehnik design yaitu :
    1. Spot Color Proses
    2. Four Color Separation
    3. Simulated Color Proses
    4. Index Color separation
    mau Tahu lebih lanjut, Beli Bukunya !!

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