Your Guide To Looking More Stylish

You shouldn’t feel bad or hopeless if you’ve struggled to pull your appearance and wardrobe together in the past. There’s always an opportunity to learn tips and tricks and change your ways so you can feel better about yourself and dress in confidence.

Be glad to know that the following guide will help you to be more stylish and secure with how you’re portraying yourself to the world. Have fun with the transformation and enjoy the experience of working on and focusing on you for once. Soon enough people will be coming to you for fashion advice and wondering what you’re wearing around town.

Clean out Your Closet

Begin this process by cleaning out your closet and going through the garments you already own. Try clothes on and figure out what you want to keep, donate or get rid of all together. It’s a great way to get more organized and make room for new outfits that will put a smile on your face. You’ll be able to look more stylish when you take the time to sort through your belongings and aren’t forcing yourself to wear items that drag you down. Take note of what pieces you love and any gaps so you can replace certain garments when it’s time to shop. It’s not hard to complete this project, you just have to find and set aside the time to do so.


Educate Yourself

The reason you may not know fashion very well is because you’ve never taken the time to teach yourself the ins and outs. You’ll have an easier chance looking more stylish when you have a good idea of what clothes are being identified as trendy and what the models are wearing. Page through magazines, read blogs online and head out to the stores yourself to get a better feel for what’s out there and might look good on you. It can be frustrating to try and shop when you have no idea about the latest styles or what’s hot at the time.


Be Willing to Invest in New Clothes & Staples

You’ll look a lot more stylish when you make it a point to invest in new clothes and secure a few staples such as the perfect pair of jeans and a little black dress. Save up your money or use payday loans to invest in your new look so you can feel more confident about yourself when you’re out in public or about to go on a trip. Your life will dramatically improve when you feel good in your own skin and are able to dress for success and maybe even land your dream job because you were prepared with the right types of clothes.


Notice what Your Friends are Wearing

Take a look around whenever you’re out and about and notice what your friends and the people around you are wearing. Start to ask questions and get a better idea of where they’re shopping and what brands they enjoy spending their money on the most. You can look more stylish simply by observing and taking a mental note about what you do and don’t like about other people’s outfits. Then you can go home and try to mimic the same looks or alter them in some way to make them more unique to you. Hang out with friends who keep up to date with the latest fashions and are willing to give you a few pointers.


Don’t be Afraid to Mix & Match

You can quickly look more stylish by not being afraid to mix and match and layer up your garments. For example, take a chance by incorporating a variety of colors and patterns into your outfit and seeing what draws the most positive attention. Also, layering is not only fashionable but will help you stay comfortable when the temperature fluctuates. Be more adventurous with your outfits and take more risks by pairing together different looks with what you already own. You’ll find you have more outfits in your closet then you know what to do with when you’re good about mixing and matching.


Pay Attention to Your Overall Appearance

It’s not always all about what clothes you’re wearing when referring to your style. You should also pay close attention to aspects like your hair, nails and shoes. Become trendier by knowing what hairstyles and nail colors are in for each season and know that your choice of shoes can make or break an outfit. Take care of yourself by hitting the gym and eating well so your clothes fit nicely as well. Focus on presenting yourself as the whole package instead of only putting effort into what you’re wearing. These small details can go a long way in helping you to look more sophisticated and with the times.



You’ll instantly appear more stylish when you do a good job of accessorizing your outfits. For instance, add a bold necklace, carry a large purse or put on a belt to help you look polished and fabulous. Consider how throwing on a simple jean jacket or a bright pair of high heels with the same black dress will allow you to either dress it up or dress it down. Putting on a hat, layering a shirt around your waist and throwing on a colorful pair of earrings are all different ways for how you can successfully accessorize and feel good about leaving the house. When you’re out shopping, always keep in mind what else you could be buying or adding to your outfit to make it appear more complete.



It’s not hard to look more stylish, but it does take an extra effort on your part. Take advantage of the advice in this guide to help you rework your wardrobe and feel more confident with your overall appearance. Your life is going to vastly improve when you look your best and aren’t constantly self-conscious about what you’re wearing. Be patient with yourself, start slow and take one day at a time because change can be difficult.

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