Zombie Walk Fashion – Not to be ignored or killed

In celebration of our newest partner site, Zombie Freakfest, we wanted to post an honorary nod to Zombie Walk fashion.

If you haven’t joined in a Zombie Walk yet, you should!  They are in cities all over the world and are a fun all ages march of a groaning Zombie army.
Here are some of my favorite Zombie Walk pics from the group!

Zombies! – Brazil

By Schimou

Beach of the Dead V

Brighton Zombie Walk 2011
Beach of the Dead V
By Ptr Htn

Zombie Walk – Anhangabaú, Brazil

Zombie Walk 2010
By Diego B. Rodrigues

Urban Zombie, Bologna Italy

urban zombie
By alain729 ♫

Check out Zombie Freakfest (new so bear with them!) and join them on Twitter @zombiefreakfest and Facebook at Facebook.com/zombiefreakfest

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